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Hey there. I'm Kelsey Worfler, a psychotherapist and yoga instructor in Fort Collins.

I know what it’s like to try and put on a good face each day when your insides are breaking. To use a variety of unhealthy ways to escape depression, anxiety, trauma, and living life on life’s terms. Each day, preventing yourself from growing into your true resilient, authentic self.

But it doesn't have to be that way.


There's wisdom in your story and bravery in your heart.

I'll help you gain insight into your thoughts and behaviors so you can gain skills to respond, rather than react to life to the challenges in life.

I was painfully shy and lonely as a child and teenager – bullied by others and awkward as could be. This disconnection from others transferred straight into adulthood where in rooms full of people, I felt completely disconnected, separate from the rest of the world.  Escaping reality and masking who I truly was became the daily norm which left me in a world of misery, hopelessness, and fear.

But then things changed. I asked for help. I got honest with myself, with those around me, and with the universe as a whole. I surrendered to the fact that me driving the “bus” of life wasn’t working and that dedicated, vulnerable internal work was necessary for true healing to happen. I made a commitment to becoming my bravest, most authentic self and did the work.

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Yoga Mat

You’ll find that I occasionally curse, always laugh loudly, and usually wear Chuck Taylor sneakers. In session you’ll find me in mala beads, which help me stay grounded and cared for as we work together.

I know if I’m not real, I can’t expect you to be either.

And when you feel safe and brave to be real with me, we can work on how that can carry over into the rest of your life.

Recovery is a journey, not a destination. As the cartoon character Shrek would say, “Ogres are like onions. Onions have layers; ogres have layers.” Recovery has layers. It is a process of self-discovery and surrender which continues for a lifetime. And it is by diving into those layers of that brought me to the teachings of yoga. Connecting mind, body, and spirit in ways I never thought possible has added a new level of balance and serenity to my life; it is a welcomed, yet uncomfortable change from the previous chaos I used to call my life.

If you’re looking for therapist who will have you talk endlessly about the problem, who will not have you work hard to get the better life you want, and who will not confront you on your bullsh*t, I’m probably not the right therapist for you.

People also say I am one of the more empathic, understanding, and nonjudgmental therapists they have ever worked with. I have been gifted the ability to blend the calming and restorative principles of yoga into my therapy practice. Combining open communication with conscious movement has been revolutionary for clients to begin to observing and mending the root causes that keep them stuck. I work hard to meet clients where they are at in this moment.

Humans need to be authentic, messy, sensitive, angry, shy, and loved for exactly who they are… by others AND themselves.

You MAY be able to get by with how things are, but you’re ready for more and ready for different. You’ve gotten used to living an unengaged life, but it’s a struggle. Things are chaotic and your mind just never stops, no matter how hard or what you try.

And, if you’re waiting for the world to slow down, you may be waiting awhile.

You can show up as a more bold, badass, kind, and loving version of yourself than ever before.

It starts with slowing down enough. And getting curious about what’s working and what’s not. When you get curious about how you show up in the world – in your work, your relationships, in the way you talk to yourself – that's how change begins.

You deserve to feel calm and confident being your true, authentic self. I can help show you how.

If you're ready to get brave and unstuck so you can reclaim your power, let's talk.


Brave Spaces Health and Wellness PLLC
Kelsey R. Worfler, LCSW, LAC, RYT

Fort Collins, Colorado

Tel: 970-236-6338


The Formal Stuff

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW): State of Colorado

  • Licensed Addictions Counselor (LAC): State of Colorado

  • Doctoral Student: School Psychology, University of Colorado Denver (Current)

  • Masters in Social Work, Colorado State University - 2016

  • Bachelors in Social Work, Colorado State University – 2012

  • 200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200) – 2020

    • Specialized Trauma-Informed Yoga Training - 2020

  • Formally trained in: Internal Family Systems (IFS), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT), and meditation practices.


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